"Let your light SO SHINE before men
that they may see your good works
and glorify your Father in Heaven."

Matthew 5:16

Our Mission

We exist to increase the health and vitality of the neighborhoods we serve through education, mentoring, life-skills training, and community development.

Our Initiatives


Norm's Coffee Bar
Newton, Kansas

Summary: Norm's is a coffee bar in the heart of the community, for the heart of the community. Our goal is that people come together for coffee, community, and connections that really make a difference in our little town of Newton.

Funding Needs: We run Norm's like a for-profit coffee bar. But as a non-profit organization, all profits above costs go to support our community programs. Donations to help meet our budget and operational expenses are certainly welcome.

Connect With Norm's:
Facebook @normscoffeebar
Instagram @norms_coffee_bar


Newton, Kansas

Summary: Later@Norm's is an outreach to the 5th and 6th grade students at nearby Santa Fe Middle School. Every school day, between 100 and 150 students stop by after school for a free snack and hang out with our mentor volunteers.

Funding Need: We rely on donors to help offset the costs of purchasing snacks for all the kids who stop by each day, as well as projects that are done with the kids from time to time. Grants have allowed us to purchase computers for kids to do homework on, and Ukulele's for music lessons for those interested in learning.

Connect With Later@Norm's:
Facebook @normscoffeebar
Instagram @norms_coffee_bar


Lighthouse China
Henan Province, China

Summary: Our original Initiative was born after some Members of our Board took a trip to central China to work with a camp for orphans. We partner with two private orphanages who receive no government funding, to help offset their costs and basic needs for the kids in their care.

Funding Needs: The two orphanages we support are appreciative of the funds we regularly send their way to help help buy healthy food and basic clothing for the orphans, as needed. 100% of the money donated to this project is given directly to care for the children.

Connect With Lighthouse China:
Due to the sensitive nature of the work being done through this Initiative, there are no public contact points. If you are interested in following or supporting this Initiative, please contact us.

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The Lighthouse Coffee Shop
Vladimir, Russia

Summary: Our most recently addition to our Initiatives, we have partnered with Masha Levashova to open a coffee shop modeled after Norm's, in Vladimir, Russia. There, Masha is preparing to partner with an agency that works with older orphans, providing job skills and life mentorship.

Funding Needs: Our goal is to help Masha offset the costs of her Apprenticeship. 100% of the donations given to this Initiative go to pay for the costs associated with running this portion of her ministry. Her coffee shop is self-funded, meaning no donations through this partnership are needed for daily operations.

Connect With The Lighthouse:
Facebook @lighthousecoffeevladimir
Instagram @lighthouse_coffee_vladimir

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