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New Year - New Me?

Blog post titles are super tricky, right? Your goal is to entice the reader to at least scan the words you have thoughtfully crafted - but you could just as easily lose the reader if it's lame. So I choose the title based on the fact that it is, indeed, the New Year. I'm not really sure if there's a "new me" or not - but you are still reading, so I assumed my ploy worked!

I will say that the ultimate goal of this blog will be to share the story of what is happening with So Shine - both globally and locally. I hope it will inspire those with a heart to love their neighborhoods. I hope that the reader might see that having all the answers is not required in the beginning, but having a heart to faithfully step into the context you are in is actually a very big step!

I'm looking forward to sharing our story, but my desire is to tell an ongoing story. My bent is to be a practitioner and then teach from that posture. So welcome to you! I will re-teach myself the art of blogging and I look forward to the journey with you!

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